Chugging Along

Have been chugging along the AI learning curve.  I am liking the University of Washington’s Machine Learning Certificate Track very much.  I think the professors are very good and the format of the lessons is very good.  You’re following along and doing hands on exercises.  I think all the programming courses should be like that.


I think Ben Franklin once said

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Separately, I learned about Davide Maltoni’s HTM research paper.  He’s a professor at a school in Italy.  He used HTM for handwriting recognition and found that it outperformed other machine learning techniques.  So that’s cool. I am in the process of reading through paper now. 

As I am chugging along, I must tell you viewers of this blog what are my favorite things.  My favorite thing in the world right now is protein powder called vega proteins and greens.




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Hello! My name is Chirag. I am trying to learn about artificial intelligence, sparse distributed memory and HTM. Once I learn it, I would like to make practical uses of it. I hope to document my journey of learning and using AI in this blog.