Best Robot Toy

Cozmo is the best robot toy on the planet. We absolutely love this toy! Reviews for this toy are out of this world. There is over 1000 four and a half star reviews of this toy on Amazon. That right there tells you two things. First is that a lot of people have bought this toy and two, that a lot of people love this toy. Every kid should have this top robot toy! Though just 2. 5 inches tall, Cozmo is larger than life.

The Wall Street Journal said this about Cozmo!!

“A Robot With Personality: Anki’s Cozmo Mixes Humor, Animation and AI”

Well who cares what Wall Street Journal thinks but here is a comment from grand parents!

“My grandson loves it!”

best robot toy

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Best Robot Toy: Cozmo? Why is this robot toy so popular?

These are the ten reasons why people adore Cozmo!

  • First of all the setup is easy and it takes two minutes to start playing with this Robot.
  • The robot has a lot of emotions and so it almost life like and one can actually get quite attached to the robot because of this quality.
  • His eyes show emotions and his movements exaggerate his feelings. Almost like a puppy, he will cajole you to play with him.
  • He will bring the square box to you and ask you to play with him. How many toys in the market do that? The robot will even make you feel like he is not making any progress without your help. So you cant help but play with him.
  • Initially, he plays two games and is constantly learning, so overtime he should get better at learning new things.
  • Cozmo also has an explorer mode, so you can have him go around and see the world from his perspective. This is a lot of fun in my opinion.
  • The companion mobile app gives you goals and so it incentivizes you to play with him more.
  • He is creative, smart and hilarious. That’s makes for an awesome gift.
  • It will look at your kid and say his/her name. That alone makes it very interactive and cute.
  • You can teach this toy so much stuff.

I think it’s best to see the toy in action in the Google youtube video below.

What comes in the Cozmo – the top toy robot- box?

  • Cozmo the robot.
  • Charging base with a cable USB port attached..
  • It’s a 2amp USB charger, you can charge apple products with it.
  • It comes with instructions but don’t really need them.
  • It has good packaging.
  • Cozmo comes with three blocks that he plays with. These boxes glow.

About Anki: What company makes the best robot toy?

Anki is a company that started by three progressive roboticists from San Francisco. Developed by a team of leading roboticists, game developers, and founder of the Batmobile, Cozmo is a tiny robot that was created to play. This robot interacts, plays games, and grows to know his buddies. Which has a mind of his own, he embodies the expectations of a robotic, much like Hollywood’s projects.

Though just 2. 5 inches tall, Cozmo is larger than life. Nevertheless made for play, Cozmo is programmed with numerous capacities and functions. He can made up of three hundred different parts, processes more data per second than a Mars Rover, and has an unique and playful personality. The Anki creators designed Cozmo by using a blend of artificial intelligence, movement, and image and tone of voice recognition. His small face is an OLED display that is fitted with two eyes. We have a camera in his face which allows him to identify his playmate. The robot works with a smartphone application. This software allows the user to remember and communicate with his buddies. Not merely will he say the name, but this individual also says other words, and communicates with a variety of tones and sounds. I hope you like my review of the best robot toy.

Check out this cool youtube video: